Advertising | UOB FunSavers Charlie & Molly Giveaway

A promotion to encourage savings among children and parents

UOB FunSavers is a savings deposit product for children under the age of 18.  However, most FunSavers users begin the use of this account as toddlers. The FunSavers account had not been heavily promoted for a long time, with it normally being an add-on product for children of existing UOB customers.

When the awareness of this product hit a low, and sign-ups declined, Client took steps to revive this unique savings account. The objective of this campaign was to lift the image of FunSavers as THE children savings account, while boosting deposits from current account holders.

FunSavers Logo

The first step was to create a logo for the product, as FunSavers had been without a logo since its commencement. We came up with a logo that best describes the product – where at the ends of a rainbow, we’ll find pots of gold, referring back to the wealth that is associated with savings. The logo was colourful, yet solid looking, to reflect the safety and security of the savings made in FunSavers.


Two softtoy coinboxes were then developed as the incentive for this campaign. We subsequently gave two fictitious names to them – Charlie (for boys) and Molly (for girls). Charlie or Molly was the special UOB friend that the user can count on, to save their extra pocket money, and also for a nice warm cuddle.


We designed the marketing collaterals using a darker background to entice the parents, while added touches of colour to attract children. The campaign was a hit, increasing the total savings from FunSavers and also saw many new sign-ups.

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