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UOB Lady's Thematic Year Long Campaign

The UOB Lady’s positioning in the credit card market is a unique one. Targeting only the working female segment of the market, the card has previously implemented many promotions related to this specific target audience, such as Wonderful Wednesdays, which enables card members to get huge discounts on shoe purchases every Wednesday.

As this promotion matures, and the card became more recognized within the fashion retailers community, the Client wanted to change the promotion to include other days of the week. This exercise required a change of the campaign name, as it no longer can be called Wonderful Wednesdays.

We came up with two obvious choices for the client – Shoephoria (which literally means Euphoria of Shoes), and Solely Yours (reflecting on the nature of the privileges which was only for UOB Lady’s card holders).

The Client went with Solely Yours, and we came up with names for other privilege categories – Deliciously Yours (for dining privileges); Fashionably Yours (for fashion privileges) & Beautifully Yours (for skincare & beauty privileges)


About a year later, Client decided to merge all the privilege categories and just have one single promotion. The merchants available through this promotion include fashion, shoes, beauty plus an additional kidswear segment. A standardized 10% discount from these 4 categories will be made available everyday for the members.

We decided to name it Lady’s Daily Ten. The word ‘Daily’ emphasized on the daily nature of the promotion, while ‘Ten’ communicates the 10% discount.



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Thematic Year Long Campaign