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XOX Mobile is a Malaysian telco founded in 2005. Since then, it has gone through a slew of transformations branding-wise, in order to edge itself out of the shadow of telecommunication giants Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

The brand has since bounced back with a solid brand plan and in early 2016, XOX Mobile signed on Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia’s No. 1 Badminton Player as an ambassador, in the hopes of encouraging more Malaysians to choose XOX Mobile.

To reveal the new ambassadorship, we were asked to design a brand calendar for the year 2016.

Having previously assisted XOX Mobile with its brand direction, we were familiar with the brand’s Innocent archetype and its youthful and quirky brand personality.

Our main challenge going into this was how to convey all that we knew about the brand – its goodness, optimism, innocence and youth – while maintaining XOX Mobile’s ominous black background.

Our strategy working on this calendar was to showcase Dato’ Lee Chong Wei in a more fun and laid-back light, so that it would tie-in with XOX Mobile’s latest brand direction and appeal to their target market.

Hence, we shot a unique photo collection of Dato’, displaying another side to him, instead of the serious champion that we all are familiar with.

Another trait of XOX Mobile which informed our strategy was its position as a social enterprise. We wanted to highlight XOX Mobile’s “goodness” – how it empowers Malaysians to do good and spread it around.

Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Front cover introducing Dato’ Lee Chong Wei as XOX Mobile’s brand ambassador.


Calendar 2016

Year overview calendar for 2016.


In between the monthly calendar pages, we had photos of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, coupled with some of XOX Mobile’s customer value propositions, such as its longest prepaid validity, lightning speed 4G network, smooth music streaming and low call rates.

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

calender cover design4

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

The calendar also featured more casual photos of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, to endear him to XOX Mobile’s user base.

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

Dato's Lee Chong Wei

Overall, it was a great experience working with the Malaysian all-star shuttler. And around 10,000 of these calendars were produced and distributed to lucky XOX Mobile users and vendors!

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