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Following the success of At The Stars, Client again commissioned us to create a memorable event for their successful sales achievers.

One of the features of the attendees is the tenacity and strength to rise to the top. These 20% of top sales people account for 80% of the bank’s business. That’s why we picked a Greek warrior theme from the Hellenistic period to depict the celebrated warriors after a victorious battle. The event is themed Pedestal of Glory, which literally means that we are lifting them up to a pedestal, to be admired and praised, for their achievements.


Scroll Invite

A fleet of 40 luxurious Mercedes Benz was deployed to picked the guests from their homes respectively. As they arrive, each guest received a custom-made themed pewter medallion as a souvenir.


Arriving at the hotel, from a chauferred driven limousine.


Medallion of Honour

The guests were then greeted by actual Roman pillars (weighing 200kg each) at the entrance. Grapevines were used to decorate the ballroom, as well as various angelic porcelain statues. The table numbers were labelled with the names of powerful Greek gods from the ancient mythology.


Roman pillars standing tall around the ballroom foyer


Which powerful greek god‘s table are you seated at?


Amazing setup inspired by ancient designs

The entertainment for the night includes a stunning performance from a renowned Harpist, fire-eaters and an energetic Capoiera dance troupe, making the event a memorable one for every guest.


Capoiera Dance Troupe


Fire eaters

For a spectacular launch gambit, we made a fire-eater hide inside a box onstage before the start of the event. During the launch gambit, after VIPs hit the gong, the fire-eater emerged magically from the box and blew fire, stunning the crowd and launching the event magnificently.


The leaders began the ceremony


Warriors celebrating a battle’s won



Glory and honour in my hands

Project Details:

Creative Paramedics


Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia




Conceptualisation , Event Marketing , Human Resource , Internal Communications

A prestigious evening to recognise as well as reward the efforts of Standard Chartered Bank’s top sales achievers.