3 reasons why brands are becoming publishers


We’ve spoken about branded content/content marketing in our previous blogpost. Following this, it only makes sense to explore the notion of ‘brand as publisher’ and why it’s now popular for brands to take on the role as a content publisher.


1. Brands are expected to engage

Many consumers carry the expectation that a brand has to engage with them.  This mainly stemmed from the current media landscape which allows brands the opportunity to cut across many different platforms and channels. The consumer has a changed mindset and many are craving for authenticity when it comes to sponsored messages. This is where brands who publish their own content gain an edge.

It’s no longer plausible for brands to allocate budgets on traditional media alone since both brands and audience are able to produce and publish their own content, and often bypass traditional media channels. Brands who are publishers often become ‘part of the crowd’ with an intent to connect rather than to interrupt.


2. Being a specialist of your own industry

What better person to speak about your brand, service, product and identity than yourself? Publishing content as yourself means establishing yourself as an expert and influencer within your industry. It’s especially helpful to consumers that in the advent of social media and blogging, that brands can be supportive by offering information within their domain of expertise.

Through doing this, brands aren’t just projecting themselves as an authoritative and supportive figure. It builds consumer trust. Plenty of big corporations have taken this approach through blogging platforms. This creates an environment of participation for your consumers and audience. It also gives a real sense of what your brand stands for.


3. Multiplying touchpoints

The consumer path of purchase is no longer linear. We source for information from various sources such as friends or family. If that’s not enough, we’ll conduct our own research online but even then, the decision wouldn’t be final because maybe the store would have a demonstration for another, ‘better’ product which would sway us. Purchasing is complex behaviour.

A print ad alone would not convince us to buy. Nor would a TV commercial, Youtube video, or a Tweet. In order to compete, brands must create content to touch the consumer at each point of their purchasing journey. And being a publisher means that you are positioning yourself closer to your customer. No matter what stage of purchasing, let your brand be the first resource the customer goes to.

Major corporations have taken the leap into becoming their own publishers. Some brands include Coca-Cola that took to revamping their corporate website into a Tumblr-style ‘online magazine’ and Red Bull. The latter even garnering to call it “… a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage.” This just goes to show that it takes more than just a fancy commercial to build brand awareness.



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