A brand is like a friend

It doesn’t take a genius to know that building a brand is akin to building a friendship. It takes time, effort, money, thought and sincerity. Read on to see the similarity.
1. The friend that doesn’t meet up with others to catch up – Brands that don’t communicate enough.
2. A friend that says I’ll help you with this, and then disappeared – Brands that don’t deliver what was promised.
3. The friend that never asks you what’s your favourite food, and gives you a sushi treat when it’s the stuff you hate the most – Brands that don’t do enough research.
4. A friend that does not have your best interest at heart – Brands that appear to be insincere, and only are focussed on themselves (most huge corporations like telcos, banks have problems gaining trust from consumers)
5. A friend that always sends mixed signals (one day he’s hot, one day he’s cold) – Brands that don’t have a long-term communications plan, and rely on inconsistent activities.
6. A friend that says sorry when he screws up – Brands that have excellent crisis management, are truthful and learn to improve from their mistakes.
Do relate to your consumers as friends you’ll cherish. That’s when your brand will flourish.

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