5 ways to cut cost on event management in Malaysia

Event management in Malaysia has gained traction as an industry, especially to marketers. This is because on-ground events are one of the most potent marketing and promotion avenues, which is why brands are increasingly using this unique platform to reach their target audience.

Unfortunately, the cost of running an event, on top of hiring event management services in Malaysia, is no small sum. Whether it is a simple seminar or a full-fledged month-long festival, it’s important for brands to never underestimate the costs of bringing an event to life, regardless of scale. Luckily, there are ways for you to keep your event from costing more than it should.

Here are five simple tips which you can employ for your next event:

  1. Find sponsors

There are many costly aspects that come into play when running an event – from venue rentals to performances and sound systems, it’s possible to rack up a hefty bill.

Getting sponsors to support your event, whether they choose to contribute financially or via products and services, will help you minimise the overall costs. In fact, as venue rentals locally can range anywhere from the hundreds to the tens of thousands, finding a venue sponsor will especially help reduce the costs of running your event.


  1. Opt for buffet-style catering or light refreshments

Every event planner in Malaysia knows just how important food is to Malaysian attendees. However, serving up a 9-course meal can end up being a large and unnecessary expense. If catering is necessary, buffet spreads are an affordable option and also tend to bode well at events, as buffets tend to have a little bit of something for everybody.

There are some instances when serving a full meal to attendees is not even necessary. For a mid-afternoon event, when most of your guests would have already had lunch, arrange for light refreshments instead, either buffet-style or pre-packed in goodie bags.


  1. Plan ahead of time

Any event management service in Malaysia knows just how important planning ahead is when it comes to events. It gives your team more time to negotiate with multiple suppliers and find the best deals, resulting in more savings. Booking services, venues and crew in advance can also help you avoid paying additional fees.


For example, if you choose to engage an Audio Visual (AV) crew on short notice, some of their equipment might be unavailable due to other events they may be running concurrently. This will require them to source the missing equipment from other AV providers, which will result in additional charges that you will have to pay for. Planning ahead and making bookings in advance reduces the likelihood of this happening and can help you keep to your event budget.


  1. Don’t overdo door gifts

Everyone loves goodie bags, but door gifts can cost quite a bit if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, many event planners in Malaysia spend a lot of money on items which event attendees do not necessarily want.

For example, miniature sculpture of a brand logo serves no purpose to your guests and will likely end up being discarded. Instead of spending on decorative premiums, look towards gifts which serve a purpose. These will likely be received more positively by your guests. A plain notebook with your printed brand name and some snacks are not only cheaper to source, but are more likely to be kept and used by your guests.


  1. Go digital with marketing

The on-ground costs of event management in Malaysia are costly enough – marketing and promoting your event will also dip into your budget. Print ads, TVCs and Dana screen advertising bring great mass exposure but are also very expensive media. Focusing a brunt of your marketing efforts towards social media will help you avoid exorbitant advertising fees.

While the costs of engaging a creative agency in Malaysia to assist with visuals will still apply, marketing via social media is still one of the most cost-efficient mediums. This is because advertising online allows you to connect with audiences who are already interested in what you have to offer, so that you are getting the most out of your advertising budget.

On top of this, you could also look into incorporating digital technology into the running of your event as well. Look out for our next blogpost to find out how you can use technology to make your next event bigger and better.


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