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Getting User Experience Right

You’ve heard the saying, “Sell the experience, not the product.” User experience (UX) has been around for a long time but in the last few years, UX has gained more traction especially now we’re in the digital age when successful marketing prioritises...
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4 ways to spot-on mobile marketing campaigns

It’s no surprise that smartphones are an extension of us these days. The mobile era marked its arrival with these signs: In 2014, people check their mobile phone every six minutes on average. We spend approximately 2 hours on the phone each day. 91%...
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Zoom-in 2014 – Marketing trends for next year: Mobile Marketing

Let us take a look at another growth area predicted for 2014 – Mobile marketing. This term used to refer to only mobile phones, but of course, it has now covered iPads and other portable gadgets. As the definition of mobile evolves, marketers are now...