Getting User Experience Right

You’ve heard the saying, “Sell the experience, not the product.”

User experience (UX) has been around for a long time but in the last few years, UX has gained more traction especially now we’re in the digital age when successful marketing prioritises convenience and personalisation.

What is UX?

User-experience Getting User Experience Right

User experience is the thoughts, perception and responses at the point of contact with a product, system or service. But above and beyond that, user experience is service-oriented and aims to provide the best experience possible be it in simplicity or ease of use. It wants to make the user say, “Hey, that was simple!” The process has to be intuitive – users can’t pinpoint good UX but remember how it made them feel. It’s what drives customer loyalty and keeps the user engaging the same product again and again.

UX vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing is concerned with conversion rates and broad trends of customer behaviour. UX focuses on the individual experience and their needs.

And some point it looks as if UX and marketing are on a collision course. UX designers have the end-user in mind while marketers strategise on how best to sell a product. But in today’s increasingly digital world with stiff competition, marketing and UX go hand in hand.

So, let us take a closer look what makes positive UX.

More than just usability

UX_User-interface_usability Getting User Experience Right

Many people equate UX with good usability but it’s much more than that.

Part of usability is whether a product or system is easy to learn and efficient to use. In other words, usability is how well a product or a system helps users achieve their goals. No doubt this is essential to UX but it’s only one part of a much bigger picture.

UX is about surprising the user, giving them a delightful and meaningful experience. Just like a 5-star hotel service, a memorable UX needs to go above and beyond a user’s expectations while still ensuring that their needs are met.

Clean Interface for all Devices

UX_user-experience_clean-interface Getting User Experience Right

At this point in time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business which isn’t utilising the internet in some way. Creating positive UX is more relevant than ever especially in a society that spends more time browsing on their mobile phones. An alarming 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.

Regardless of interactivity or visuals, a website’s interface has to remain clear and uncluttered across a variety of devices. This must be done while maintaining a consistent tone, message and brand story.

The more content you have , the more important UX is.

ux-User-interface_important-for-content Getting User Experience Right

If you have a lot of content, a lot of care is equally needed when it comes to creating positive UX. According to Quick Sprout, 82% of people enjoy reading relevant content from company blogs. So optimise your content by making it more readable and accessible. Put the user at the centre of everything and ensure than the content has good information architecture that allows everything to be easily located and scannable.

Why it works

In an increasingly saturated industry, many services and products serve similar functions. In the end, what sets them apart is the experience provided to their users. Take Uber for example. Its success has been vastly touted as simply smart packaging of a taxi service. There’s also Apple which shows us that great user experience can be the selling point of a product – from the moment of purchase to the ongoing use of any Apple product, there’s a quality to the experience.

Invest time, money and effort into giving users the best experience they can possibly get from your product and conversion will happen. Good marketing is simply good user experience.

UX is far from simple and we’ve only touched the surface of what makes good user experience. Interested in diving deeper into prioritising User Experience? Get in touch with us!


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