Micro-targeting is the next big leap in advertising

Before we go all googoogaga on this latest marketing buzzword, let’s find out what exactly is micro-targeting.

The WPP’s definition on this:

Micro-targeting is creating customized winning messages, proof points and offers, accurately predicting their impact, and delivering them directly to individuals.

Simply put, micro-targeting means targeting individuals and knowing exactly how they will respond. It’s a new kind of strategy and approach geared for the ‘big data’ world we live in right now.


Precise Consumer Profiling

It’s a whole different ballgame these days when brands and companies can select gender associations, political leanings, whether one prefers dog over cats and more as profiling criteria. Internet powerhouses like Google, Facebook and Yahoo have amassed a goldmine of data over the years and even newer companies like Uber picks up data from its users.

From a marketer’s perspective, large caches of data makes for better, specific and more precise profiling of target audiences. The value of big data is in its sum. As we reveal more and more of ourselves online, it would be easier to track our movements both online and offline to en pointe accuracy which just means better targeting.


Refined messaging

Tailored advertising is the next big step in the industry. Crafting messages that appeal to the masses also known as the shotgun approach is no longer effective. Compare this with crafting relevant messages sent direct to the individual, who would most likely find it interesting – micro-targeting is more rewarding with less cost.


Building an audience

Audience attention is scarce, and it’s not going to get any better. The advertising world can no longer count on attracting attention with more and more content in production. To drive sales and promotions, it’s more important that marketers base its profit-making decisions on an audience that grants its attention rather than one that tunes-out.

With micro-targeting, we’re looking at a strategy that finds, collects and aggregates data that would help us communicate with specific people, and not fund specific content. By shifting focus to building an audience that would find your message relevant, you can be assured that there would be higher returns because your audience aren’t choosing to ignore you.


Stealth marketing

Micro-targeting strategists loves a campaign that flies under the radar. The audience that are micro-targeted won’t even know that they are being advertised to. Micro-messages are such that consumers will find it tough to recall a dramatic announcement or a ‘big idea’ but they can tell exactly why the message or offer appeals to their senses.

Micro-targeting uses a technological and highly-technical approach to positioning brands, offers, and messages. It could potentially be the most powerful strategy for companies and businesses to come.



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