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Touch ‘n Go is a household name in Malaysia. However, most Malaysians associate the famous card to transportion and toll payment. Unknown to many, Touch ‘n Go are slowly expanding to other retail industries, such as F&B, entertainment and petrol stations. We wanted to effectively educate the public about the new ways to use Touch ‘n Go cards, as well as to boost up the image of Touch ‘n Go as a lifestyle card. The solution? A media event plus a lifestyle roadshow at a prominent mall showcasing the new card and Touch ‘n Go’s new services to the public.

 TNG11 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Creative invite where the car travels through all the service bubbles

TNG21 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

And arrives at the event location, after the whole card is revealed, with the information inside.

In conjunction with the Touch ‘n Go car park launch at KLCC, we took the opportunity to organize an event there. The theme, ‘Beyond the Roads’ was created to educate the public that Touch ‘n Go cards can be used not just on the road, but many other avenues as well. The design of the event collaterals as well as the campaign logo looks fresh, vibrant and fun. We scheduled the press launch on a Friday and followed by a weekend roadshow until Sunday.

TNG41 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Stage area

Our team created a brand new vibrant design for Touch ‘n Go limited edition card. Our Client targeted to sell 5,000 pcs of the limited edition Touch ‘n Go cards during the roadshow and by the end of the day, all cards were SOLD OUT.

 TNG31-300x224 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Limited edition Beyond the Roads Touch ‘n Go cards

As one of the objectives of the event was to inform the public of the new uses of a Touch ‘n Go card, we created the media invite with interesting pull-out that drives a car from one merchant category to another.

 TNG8 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

VIP pasted on this Touch ‘n Go card onto the backdrop to officiate the ceremony, after which dancers start their performance.

For the launch gambit at the media event, we worked with a group of professional dancers and choreographed a hip-hop dance with props featuring products and services that you can purchase with Touch ’n Go cards. It was part of the launch gambit and it ended with a perfect somersault by a dancer.

TNG5 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Stage area

We invited journalists from many printed, broadcast as well as online media were invited. As many as 50 media representatives turned up for the event. The Client garnered much coverage for the event, which includes broadcast, print and online media.

TNG6 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Flyer distribution ushers with sandwich boards

TNG9 PR & Events | Touch 'n Go Beyond the Roads KLCC

Angkasawan using the Touch ‘n Go card



Later on, our Client decided to use the special edition card design on their new generic card. Over 1 million generic cards with the new design are distributed nationwide.

Project Details:

Creative Paramedics


Touch 'n Go




Campaign , Conceptualisation , Design , Event Marketing , Events , Launch , Public Relations

A media launch cum roadshow over a weekend at KLCC to launch Touch ‘n Go’s new merchant categories such as entertainment, F&B and etc.