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In 2009, Red Bull launched a new product, as a response to the increasing health conscious population in the country. Red Bull Less Sugar, offers all that a Red Bull can give, minus the extra calories.

We identified Red Bull Less Sugar’s target market as educated working adults, as opposed to a wider range market segment for Red Bull Original. A radio campaign was proposed to the Client, covering major radio stations.

The script was written based on an insight that health conscious people orders everything with two added words – Less Sugar / Kurang Manis. Most beverages are ordered together with meals, such as in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops or mamak stalls. No matter what the beverage, ‘less sugar / kurang manis’ is a mandatory add-on for this group of target audience.

That’s why we came up with this:-


Project Details:

Creative Paramedics


Red Bull Malaysia




Advertising In Malaysia , Radio

Radio campaign to promote the new Red Bull Less Sugar