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The Challenge: How do we make UOB cardholders use only the UOB credit card?

The year-end marked a huge opportunity for UOB to increase credit card usage from their cardmembers. But other banks were eyeing the same opportunity, and they were relentless in their pursuit to increase loyalty and usage of their cards, by giving petrol rebates, groceries rebates, contests as well as strengthening the line-up of gifts for redemption. Hence UOB needed a smart strategy to outrun its competitors and outperform other banks in this year-end and Chinese New Year shopping period.


Instant gratification, through the gateway of GSC!

Insights showed that Malaysians from all walks of life indulge in their favourite activity at this time of the year – shopping. Shoppers buy gifts for Christmas, as well as spend on the New Year’s celebration. With Chinese New Year around the corner, the Malaysian Chinese will also be stocking up on many food and gift items, as well as buying new clothes for the season. To cut through the clutter and all the other banks’ efforts, our campaign targeted shoppers directly, where the action was happening.

How? By tying up with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) to give out complimentary movie tickets! Instead of joining the contest bandwagon, and offer shoppers a chance to win something, UOB gave out something that was certain. The mechanics were simple. Just spend RM300 with UOB credit card, and one would be automatically eligible to redeem 2 tickets immediately! This campaign was not merchant specific, which meant one could spend on anything they want, and that spelled flexibility. Guaranteed movie tickets also ensured that UOB cardmembers were not be swayed by contests and points from other banks.

Working with GSC also meant that the gateways to most major shopping malls were opened to UOB.  Additionally, because GSC cinemas are located in shopping malls, the cardmembers would be at a location where they can peruse their UOB credit card immediately. Talk about an easy call-to-action!

In the long haul, we wanted cardmembers to keep going back to their UOB credit card instead of other credit cards and retain the segment’s loyalty towards UOB.

And what better to way to attract these cardmembers other than to put them in the spotlight? We conceived an idea where UOB cardmembers were the stars of their own film and chasing after the movie tickets. We named the campaign, “Two Tickets: On the Run.” The visual featured two cartoon GSC movie tickets as fugitives, running away from UOB cardmembers. This also emphasised on the fact that the giveaway was exclusive only to UOB cardmembers.  This became a fun way to interact with cardmembers and at the same time, influenced them to feel that they mattered to UOB.


A fun execution, to win the wallets as well as the hearts.

This campaign had a fun execution syle, based on the concept of movie posters. The title of the movie – “Two Tickets: On the Run.” highlighted on the prizes to be redeemed, which were the movie tickets.

UOB_ticks-03-769x1024 Advertising | 2Tickets: On the Run

To emphasise the look and feel of a movie poster, we gave UOB cardholders a ‘starring role’ and GSC a ‘featuring role’ in our ‘movie production’. The cardholders were given the impression that they were stars of their own adventure-thriller, and their task was to chase down this pair of movie tickets. The visuals brought a fun and competitive tone to the main message.

By framing the promotion as a ‘chase’, we engaged cardholders with the thrill of spending with their UOB credit card and as such, the visuals reflected this excitement. This worked towards UOB’s advantage and boost credit card spending popularity.

UOB_ticks-04-549x1024 Advertising | 2Tickets: On the Run


UOB_ticks-02 Advertising | 2Tickets: On the Run

The materials produced were heavily placed as POSMs, all around the malls with GSC cinemas. GSC also featured this promotion on their website. UOB merchants also promoted the campaign with A1 poster boards in front of their retail outlets. Hence, shoppers in all major shopping malls, would not miss the promotion at all, as the A1 posters were all around the mall.

UOB cardholders were also notified of the promotion through SMS blasts, as well as UOB’s website.



As a result of this campaign, many cardholders registered for the promotion, making the total spend over the entire duration to mre than RM100million. All the movie tickets allocated for the campaign were redeemed fully!

This campaign was a huge opportunity for UOB to strengthen their relationship with existing cardmembers and at the same time increase brand likability. The cute movie poster execution, has also undoubtedly created a fun campaign that will have lasting impact in the cardholders’ hearts.

All the UOB merchants were also excited about the campaign that brought so much sales! The merchants eagerly displayed the posters and now they are looking forward to more exciting campaigns like this.

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