Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

Being in the older age groups, many UOB customers are still afraid of using Internet Banking. This fear stemmed from the preconceived notions concerning the risks of banking online. To address this, UOB Malaysia developed a nationwide campaign to increase customer awareness on online security. In particular, the campaign wanted to target customers who were still unsure about Internet Banking despite the ease and convenience of banking online.

There’s no doubt that online security threats do exist. Even though all banks have measures in place to protect its customers, some still fall into online scams at their own ignorance. The good news is by understanding how these scams operate, we are better adept at protecting our banking account details.

Overall, the Client wanted to communicate that despite threats of banking online, it is not a cause for alarm if customers educated themselves on the common online scam methods, in a fun and friendly manner.

We also identified the three most common fraud methods were phishing, scam phone calls, and malware.  Our strategy was to communicate to UOB customers how these scams work and simple prevention measures to keep safe online.

Following this, we developed three characters that represented the scammers and their methods, an online security mascot for UOB Bank, and a normal character that represented the consumer.

The 3 Cyber Crooks are here to save the day!

We named the three villainous characters, “The 3 Cyber Crooks” while the UOB mascot was called “Cyber Marshall.” We kept a simple storyline in mind, whereby the cyber crooks was scheming against the universe. The citizens in this alternate universe know of the cyber crooks and are working alongside the Cyber Marshall to keep their antics at bay. This became the core of our message to UOB customers, which led the development of our collaterals.

PIB-Brochure-FA-R3-OL-01 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The 3 Cyber Crooks


PIB-Brochure-FA-R3-OL-03 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The Phisher


PIB-Brochure-FA-R3-OL-05 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The Trojan Horse


PIB-Brochure-FA-R3-OL-07 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The Phoney


PIB-Brochure-FA-R3-OL-10 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

Cyber Marshall and Bob the Customer


By naming each individual character, we gave them an identity. The cartoony style of the characters also lent a hand in relaying the core message in a fun, easily accessible manner to young and old audiences alike.

Two phases, one campaign

The overall campaign execution was split into two phases.

Firstly, we developed a booklet for distribution at UOBM branches nationwide. Every new PIB User would receive this booklet as a ‘welcome’ gift. Later on, the Client updated their website’s Security Advisory page to feature the content we had developed.

security-advisory-page Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The 3 Cyber Crooks web slider banner on UOB website homepage.


security-advisory-page2 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

UOB Security Advisory page featuring the characters and content we have developed.

In the second phase, the characters met a slightly different objective – to spur more PIB registrations. We used the characters as an attraction to gain more users. For this, we printed the characters on umbrellas as a limited edition sign-up gift for new customers. Aside from that, we developed a few different web materials to communicate this gesture, which included a site takeover video. The video played each time a visitor entered the main UOB homepage.


PIBUmbrella_Digital-FA-R1_Web-Ad Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

The characters took on a different spin in this web ad.


Screenshot_4 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

Web slider banner during the second phase of execution.


Screenshot_2 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

A frame from the site takeover video.


Screenshot_3 Advertising | UOB Malaysia The 3 Cyber Crooks

Another frame from the site takeover video featuring the umbrella.


The campaign successfully met the Client’s objectives, which was to relay practical, educational information in a fun tone and manner. The Client recognised the campaign as one of their most unique thus far. It was rare for a bank to present information in such a manner, which showcased a different side to a financial services company.

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