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Voopee has been through a slew of branding transformations since its inception not too long ago. We were called in to assist in Voopee’s brand plan, so that it would stand out from competitors such as Upptalk, Viber, Kakao Talk and Fongo.

Voopee is a mobile app that keeps you connected when you’re away from home. The SIM-free app gives users an actual Malaysian mobile phone number, through which they can experience local call and SMS rates, even while overseas.

Currently, the app targets frequent travellers. Our task was to come up with a brand direction that would help Voopee appeal to this audience.

Here’s a quick break down of our proposed brand plan:

Brand essence

Voopee disrupts the mobile roaming industry, and provides borderless communications. We connect people no matter where they are in the world. People will no longer be held back by boundaries, be they political or geographic. With Voopee, one can truly be a global citizen. We do this via innovation and a relentless passion to build a product that is relevant and valuable.


Brand positioning

Erase the Borders


Brand promise

Always exploring ways to connect


Brand archetype

The explorer – craves adventure and wants to discover the world for themselves. Explorer brands promise freedom. Explorer brands promote themselves as a means to help others experience the new and unknown.


Brand character








Brand personality






Humble/Down to earth


Look and Feel

The one underlying thread that connects all humanity and the sole symbol for travel is culture. When we travel we want to be exposed to different cultures, and that includes an examination of symbols of the past. Hence, we used tribal and cultural design elements to portray Voopee as a travel app.


Tagline options

Crossing borders

Connect beyond borders

Freedom on the move

Free to talk


To illustrate how the new brand direction would flow into Voopee’s assets, we proposed a new look and feel for their logo, mobile app platform and website.

Voopee-Current-logo Advertising | VOOPEE



Current logo

1-150x150 Advertising | VOOPEE





Option 1

2-150x150 Advertising | VOOPEE





Option 2

3-150x150 Advertising | VOOPEE





Option 3

4-150x150 Advertising | VOOPEE





Option 4


Mobile Application

mobile-app-home-screen-page-version1 Advertising | VOOPEE

mobile-app-home-screen-page-version2 Advertising | VOOPEE














Mobile App: Two variations for the home screen pages.


my-account-page Advertising | VOOPEE














My Account page


contacts-directory Advertising | VOOPEE














Contacts directory


Message-inbox Advertising | VOOPEE














Message inbox


call-history Advertising | VOOPEE














Call history


Messaging-user-interface Advertising | VOOPEE














The messaging interface would feature customisable backgrounds; users can choose to feature photos from their phone gallery or online.


cute-emoticons1-300x173 Advertising | VOOPEE






cute-emoticons2-300x172 Advertising | VOOPEE




Cute emoticons mirroring the shape of the Voopee logo, to be made exclusively available on the Voopee mobile app.

cute-emoticons3-300x179 Advertising | VOOPEE






cute-emoticons4-300x177 Advertising | VOOPEE







Website – Home page. We proposed a cultural theme, with a mobile-friendly layout.

Website-home-page-layout-470x1024 Advertising | VOOPEE




Project Details:

Creative Paramedics






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