Crowe Horwath Calendar 2017

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Crowe Horwath Malaysia is an accounting firm specialising in tax advisory and audit services to CFOs and CEOs of mid-to-large organisations.  Every year, Crowe Horwath would give an annual calendar for the following year to its major customers. Apart from meeting its standard function, the calendar’s objective is to make Crowe Horwath a constant presence in the workplace.

Creative Brief

We had a complex design challenge ahead of us. First, the 2017 calendar needed to have enough space on the dates for customers to write on and plan their day. At the same time, we needed to incorporate the monthly tax deadlines for the year. This required a lot of space too, compared to the normal table calendars from other brands. Meanwhile, we also need to ensure that it’s not too big to take up so much space on the table when it’s being used. Also, all these extra space requirements had to be achieved within a tight production budget

Creative Strategy

In view of the brief, we created large spaces for the calendar dates so users could easily write their plans. But this presented another problem. The tax deadlines would not fit without significantly increasing the calendar’s size and making the layout look cluttered.

Our solution was to create a separate flap for the tax deadlines for each month on the calendar. This meant users could easily flip to refer to the tax deadlines of the month whenever they needed.

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The flap actually provided us with a creative opportunity to play around with words and further show the values of Crowe Horwath. We decided to have additional visuals on the back of the flap complement the main visuals of each month. The result would be a striking and creative play of words and images.

The front cover with or without the flap, could be read in many different but meaningful ways.

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We used motivational quotes as well as writing corresponding ones to support the concept of what greatness and success is all about.

Some examples are such as:

Difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations.

The journey counts too, even when you’re heading to beautiful destinations.


Confidence comes hand-in-hand with achievement.

A clear objective is the starting point of achievement.


The most powerful tools we have are our hearts and our minds.

Limitations exist only in our minds.


The ones who take great risks for a worthy mission are heroes.

We lead by inspiring others to be heroes.


Memorise the moment when you feel that all things are possible.

A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.


Most of the visuals carry the Crowe Horwath’s “Pinnacle” brand element, that was reflected as the peak of a triangle.

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Other visuals depict a smart way to piece the puzzle together.

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At the back, we’ve included the next year’s calendar and the whole year’s public holiday dates for easy reference.

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Project Details:

Advertising In Malaysia , Branding , BTL , Conceptualisation , Corporate Communications , Corporate Identity , Design