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Daia detergent powder was the first product launched by Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd, a company established in Malaysia by a well-known household and food products manufacturer, the WINGS Group from Indonesia. Having established itself among is competitors for over a decade now, Daia’s primary demographic are Malay consumers.

Creative Challenge

For Chinese New Year, Daia wanted to reach out to Chinese consumers through a newspaper spread in Sinchew and Oriental Daily, two of Malaysia’s most widely read Chinese news publications. We were called upon to propose a newspaper ad that would appeal to Chinese consumers while staying true to Daia’s brand character, tone and manner.

Creative Strategy

Some of Daia’s key brand elements are bright colours and flowers. Subsequently, their detergents are all based on floral scents. We dove deep into the Chinese culture and appealed to tradition. We came up with the idea of a rice basket filled with freshly washed, floral scented towels. The rice basket in Chinese culture had deep symbolic meaning. Each Chinese New Year, the rice basket would be filled to the brim to symbolise a good year overflowing with prosperity.

The visual replaces rice with colourful towels stacked high and a message which reads ‘Wishing you a house filled with fragrance to welcome the Year of the Monkey”. To further emphasise the message of prosperity, the Chinese character on the rice basket reads ‘abundance’. This message along with the visuals of flowers circling the clothes ties in with Daia’s central brand story.

The result? A bright colourful press ad that captures the floral aromas associated with Daia while integrating Chinese culture and traditions.


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