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Customer service plays a very crucial role in amassing brand loyalty. Especially in a service industry such as banking, customers are increasingly raising the bar when it comes to service.

This being the case, Maybank took the initiative to create a customer service guide for its front-liners. The guide book would act as a one-stop reference for staff to brush up on their customer service skills to offer even better experiences to their customers.

Being a resource that would be used internally by frontline staff, we wanted to motivate our audience to use the guidebook; to allow them to feel like they were part of something big and to know that they were not alone.

And this is how the concept of “United We Serve” came about.

Maybank-Service-Guide Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

Maybank-Service-Guide1 Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

A play on united we stand, we hoped this concept would motivate frontline staff to go above and beyond the call of duty, especially in the arena of customer service.


Maybank-Service-Guide2 Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

To buff up the service guide, we made it interactive with Flash animation, which instantly makes the service guide more accessible and user friendly.

We added clickable and collapsible drop down menus, such as the ones above in our Table of Contents. We also included a mute/unmute button and a home button for easy navigation.


Maybank-Service-Guide3 Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

We also proposed a dual-language function, so that staff could switch between English and Bahasa Malaysia whenever they wanted to. Our Quick Menu button also made navigating chapters simple and we added quotes on selected pages to enhance the overall experience.


Maybank-Service-Guide4 Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

The look and feel of the service guide would be clean and uncluttered. To make the information easier to digest, we avoided long, drawn-out paragraphs and instead broke down sections into manageable chunks.


Maybank-Service-Guide5 Internal Communications | Maybank Service Guide

We wanted the service guide to be friendly and clear-cut – reflecting the exact tone and manner exuded by Maybank frontline staff.

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