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Milkcow Malaysia, a soft serve ice-cream brand had approached us to work on a retail promotion to boost sales. Being a relatively new brand in the market, they were also looking to expand their customer base and boost brand visibility amongst their target market – a young, trendy and affluent crowd.

The campaign mechanics was set as a cinema ticket giveaway to the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Riding on the attention the film was getting, the campaign aims to use the free movie passes to boost sales. Customers will have to purchase a Milkcow ice-cream for a chance to win a pair of tickets to a special screening of the show. At the same time, we had to communicate the promotion in a fun and exciting manner.


Milkcow Avengers here to save the day!

The hook to this promotion was definitely the movie tickets. The promotion period was purposely planned around the premier date of the movie, as it was one of the most anticipated movies coming out that season. Therefore, we wanted to immediately dangle the carrot in front of the consumers. We conceived the idea of characterizing the Milkcow ice-creams as the main Avengers team and dubbing them ‘Milkcow Avengers.’ This would be the key art for all collaterals – POSM and digital – tied to the campaign.

The characters had to be cute, playful and fun as Milkcow was a brand that represented all these aspects. While the original Avengers characters were cool and tough-looking, the Milkcow Avengers would have to diverge from the original while still staying similar and recognizable as the Avengers. The simplest way to achieve this was to draw superhero costumes over the original Milkcow illustrations as they were adorable to begin with.

We chose eight main flavours to pair with the Avengers characters namely Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. We picked Milkcow’s top-selling flavours which were Milky Way, Milky Cube and Milky Honey, and the other flavours were Snow Drop, Black Pearl, Green Light, Cookie & Cream and Milky Pop to make them ‘superheroes’.

casestude_milkcowavengers-01-784x1024 Advertising | Milkcow Avengers

Besides the key art, other elements in the other collaterals were kept clean and minimal to fit with Milkcow’s identity.

The Milkcow Avengers were also printed as Limited Edition stickers to be given away during the campaign period. Each customer would be able to receive a sticker each, on purchase of any Milkcow Avenger ice-cream. The stickers served as fun collectible items for Milkcow customers as well as a simple branding tool for Milkcow.

ol_milk-cow-avengers-a1-poster-723x1024 Advertising | Milkcow Avengers



The campaign was a hit! The Milkcow Avengers drew over a 1000+ ‘Likes’, many shares and plenty of positive comments on Milkcow Malaysia’s Facebook Page. Suffice to say, our Milkcow Avengers hit the sweet spot with Milkcow’s target audience. The same image posted on Milkcow’s Instagram page drew positive attention as well ranging from ‘Likes’ and comments.

Screenshot_11 Advertising | Milkcow Avengers


Customers flocked to Milkcow during the campaign to try out the ice-creams, and many joined the contest as well. In addition to our cute character designs, the idea of having a cinema ticket giveaway for an anticipated Hollywood blockbuster definitely worked.


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