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For the past 2 decades, Pacific Coffee Company dominated the coffeehouse industry in Hong Kong and China. In Hong Kong, it is second to none, and not even world-renowned Starbucks can dethrone its position as the leader of coffeehouse market.

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3D Pop-up Invite Prototype

So when Perfect Cup Coffee brought this franchise to Malaysian shores, they are determined to replicate this success. As a start, the Client needs to have a launch campaign that creates as much awareness as possible.

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Exclusive interview area

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PCC representatives from Hong Kong and Malaysia

The brief was simple – to create a distinct positioning for the brand to various stakeholders (especially the media and the public), so they could differentiate themselves from the established coffeehouse brands such as Starbucks, San Fransisco and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves. We also needed to garner as much media attention as possible for the Client to announce their arrival.

PCC8 PR & Events | Pacific Coffee Company

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Media Gifts

It is interesting to note that in a world where brands avoid superlative claims, Pacific Coffee’s brand essence is “To serve a perfect cup of coffee”. It is the Client’s belief that coffeehouses should offer not just high-quality coffee beverages, but the perfect environment to consume them too. This belief is manifested through the entire Pacific Coffee outlet’s interior. From plush sofas to classic amber lamp décor, the setting is built to calm and relax the soul.

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Wonderful delicious offerings from Pacific Coffee

Having the understanding of the Client’s passion, we developed a launch campaign that centres on the beginning of an era of perfect coffee and named it “The Rise of the Perfect Cup”.

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Sweet Delights from Pacific Coffee

We recommended a PR exercise for the Client, to inform the Malaysian public on the launch. A 3D pop-up media invitation card was created to bring out the message, and to entice the members of the media to participate in our media launch. We invited major newspapers, magazines, online media as well as bloggers.

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 3D Pop-up Cup Invite

We did a simple launch gambit, where a giant replica of a polystyrene coffee cup was built. At the press of a button, the cup rises out of a box. Then confetti gun goes off to mark the launch.

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Large replica of Pacific Cofeee cup for launch gambit

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VIPs and Pacific Coffee Company COO officiating the ceremony

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VIPS,  journalists and guests listening to the speech

After the press launch, we also organized several interviews with members of the media. Members of the media were also given the opportunity to be one of the first group of people to taste Pacific Coffee’s food and beverages. The PR Campaign was such as success that it appeared in most major newspapers and lifestyle magazines, plus countless lifestyle portals and bloggers also covered the event.  In total, the news came up in more than 40 media.

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Comprehensive Press Kit

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PR coverage

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PR coverage

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Media Launch of a new international Coffeehouse chain in Malaysia