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A new journey: Building a brand’s Facebook community from scratch

Boosting brands through social media isn’t new anymore. And this is even more evident with the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the stringent control of traditional advertising by KKLIU, pharmaceutical companies welcomed the new branding avenue with open arms, and a lack of KKKLIU enforcement during the early stages gave more freedom to advertisers and allowed them to craft more specific messages to the target audience.

However, Seven Seas had not fully utilized this marketing platform and were lagging behind their competitors when it came to having a strong social media presence. The Client, Seven Seas, informed us that many of its competitors had already established a robust digital platform to interact with their respective customers.

When Seven Seas approached us to develop their Facebook page, they needed to build an online community from scratch and ZERO ‘likes’. The challenge was to create relevant content, as well as craft a social media strategy that ensured a consistent growth of the fan base, and increase brand mileage through Facebook.

At the start, we knew that we had to create a constant stream of content to stabilize the Facebook page and ensure its steady growth. The Client did not have a huge budget (average RM600 per month) for advertising, so we had to rely heavily on organic growth. So each post had to work hard to garner the attention of the target audience.


A strategy led by content, followed by engagement, peppered with goodies along the way.

We developed a Facebook calendar based on heavy content amount of three times per week. By leveraging on the insight that social media users react most strongly to visuals and easily digestible content and information, we distilled health articles and interesting health news and converted them into attractive infographics.

The content were also created to reflect the brand’s image and values. Being a pharmaceutical brand, the content were health-related and provided information on nutrition, aligned with Seven Seas core values that great health begins with great nutrition.

Another insight given to us was that Seven Seas consumers are health-conscious individuals. Knowing this, we worked on a page where users can come to for tips, tricks and ideas for a healthier lifestyle whether through diet, exercise, and most importantly, Seven Seas products. Essentially, the brand Seven Seas ‘works with you’ towards building a healthier lifestyle.

This constant info feed continued on until we hit 2,000 likes. That was when we started to create more engagement. We took to rolling out Facebook contests and mini campaigns that would keep users coming back to our Facebook page.

We posted simple questions too, that makes the page more interactive. At the same time, this helped to retain interest in what Seven Seas had to share, as a brand and a friend.

We made use of the small advertising budget to boost promotions such as contests, and vouchers giveaways, as these posts were considered to be the “value” posts for users. Users were attracted to the promotions, so they clicked on the ad, and then discover, that Seven Seas Facebook page contains many interesting postings and attractive information. This then, led to them staying on the fan base, even after the promotion.


Absolutely stunning visuals, ever-ready on current issues, as well as great timing in every post.

Information on pharmaceutical products or health in general can be quite dry. Hence it was crucial that the content we produce were fun, humourous as well as stunning to truly engage the readers. All our visuals were colourful and eye-catching with friendly, ‘dialogue-style’ status updates.

FB_10Sept2014_freeradical-01 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

‘Anti-Oxidant, the generous electron giver!!!’ was a comic illustrating the benefits of anti-oxidants.


Attractive posts on the Seven Seas Facebook page included topics such as, ‘7 reasons you feel tired all the time’, ‘The Forgotten Body Hack’ and ‘5 great foods for liver detox’. These postings relate to health, nutrition and Malaysian health concerns.


3Nov_tiredalways Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Infographic: ‘7 reasons you feel tired all the time’


FB_189Aug2014_vitaminA-R1-01 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Infographic: ‘The forgotten body hack’


5Dec_Liver-R3-01 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Attractive visual: ‘5 great foods for liver detox’

At the same time, Seven Seas products were also featured in some of the posts to remind users of Seven Seas products. For example, we crafted an infographic on the benefits of Cod Liver Oil that is a nutrient also found in Seven Seas Fish Oil.

FB_5Sept2014_codfishoil Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Infographic: ‘Facts & myths of cod liver oil’


28Jan_PowerFood-R1 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Infographic: ‘Eat these foods to stay focused’


7Seas_FBPosting_CLO Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Product-based visual

These postings helped to give Seven Seas the credibility as a company that cares about the public’s health. Some of the posts also depicted an authoritative voice, reflecting expertise on health issues. Additionally, we posted not just quality information, but also shareable content, to encourage users to share posts to their friends and family.

Other than that, we also advised the Client on several occasions, to develop additional postings that follow current trends and issues. For example, we created a post on World Cup in July, to remind people to stay healthy and take LivoPro to protect the liver from the late-night game watching. One of other such postings, ‘Ebola: Know Your Facts’, which highlighted some vital information on Ebola, had 1000% more organic shares than other posts. We then boosted it further to receive another half of that amount of shares. That post alone, garnered more new visitors to our page during that period.


ebola_25Aug2014-1024x1024 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Infographic: ‘What is Ebola?’


BicyleRecommendation_31Oct Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Visual highlighting various cycling spots around Klang Valley during a time when cycling was in trend.


17Dec_stayAway-R1-011 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Visual recommending Seven Seas Facebook fans to stay away from unhealthy foods during the holiday season.


14Jan_FatMalaysians-R1 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

This visual was posted when obesity was the topic of interest among Malaysians.


For contests and mini campaigns, we invited the users to share something about themselves, such as asking them to post their ‘stressed-out photo’, and in another campaign, to share their best family wefie. All these served to enhance the company’s image as a family health supplement provider.


21Nov_Wefie Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Visual highlighting the ‘Family Wefie Contest’.


gummies1 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Visual highlighting the ‘Colour & Win’ contest.


31Dec_Contest-R1-01 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Visual highlighting ‘My 2015 Resolution’ contest.


7Seas_FBPostings_August-061 Social | Seven Seas Facebook Page Management

Product visual highlighting a Seven Seas promotion.


The posts were also uploaded between 9pm to 10pm as our users were more inclined to check their Facebook pages from 9pm till 12am.



The results were fantastic. In a span of 6 months, from July to December 2014, we built a brand new Facebook page to a fan base of 3,700+ likers. This was in a large part, due to our strategy, as we had only RM600 per month for advertising.

By crafting easily digestible content that was relevant and current, we were able to drive traffic into Seven Seas Facebook and at the same time, relate to the target audience concerns and lifestyle.

Through a mix of strategy, insight, interaction and crafting top-notch content, we were able to speak to our target audience and build a relationship with them. Seven Seas effectively built a meaningful connection with their target audience rather than just sell or promote their products. This has also uplifted the brand’s image as a caring, knowledgeable as well as fun pharmaceutical brand!

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