SOGO Ground Floor Renovation

SOGO is one of the many shopping malls located in central Kuala Lumpur. As an award-winning brand and retailer, SOGO houses a wide spectrum of brands and vendors in its complex.

To keep itself in top form, SOGO planned to renovate the whole Ground Floor level, to provide its target audience, notably urban Malay professionals, with a trendier shopping experience.

We were called in to propose and plan the awareness campaign to generate traffic for SOGO, despite the ongoing renovation.

The main problem which we identified was that when a retail space is under renovation, shoppers tend to assume that the place is closed for business. Because of this, we thought it was crucial to inform patrons that just because the Ground Floor is being renovated, it doesn’t mean the rest of SOGO is off limits. In fact, we wanted patrons to join in the fun and be a part of the transformation!

With this in mind, we came up with two different options and concepts.


Option 1: Magical Makeover

The first option was titled ‘Magical Makeover’. We wanted SOGO patrons to be a part of our magical transformation, which would enhance their shopping experience.

The key art depicts a team of pixies in various positions, helping with the makeover! The pixies will have a special “modest” costume, to suit the Muslim target audience.

Our proposed communication mix integrated ATL, BTL, POSMs, out-of-home advertising, on-ground activation, mobile marketing, as well as digital marketing and PR. This was then broken down into two phases.

Phase 1: Before and During Renovation

During this period, the artworks revolve around a magical land themed photoshoot, where products are seen undergoing some transformation. There can be a series of different products that can be used interchangeably in the key art.


Sogo-press-ad-2-01-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation























1st in series – Heels

Sogo-press-ad-2-02-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation























2nd in series – Handbag


Sogo-press-ad-2-03-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation























3rd in series – Perfume


This phase would include a few other materials as well such as buntings, photobooths and banners.

Sogo-Bunting-2-393x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation




















Sogo-Banner-1024x205 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation








Screen-Shot-2017-07-08-at-5.12.31-PM-1024x568 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation














Illussion Photobooth

Placard-1024x617 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation














Placards to be held by promoters dressed as pixies for on-ground activation.

Makeover-PressAd-2-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation
























Magical Makeover Challenge: Visitors get meet local celebs and win SOGO cash vouchers for the ultimate transformation.


Phase 2: Post-Renovation

In this phase, we proposed materials and activities for the launch of the newly renovated ground floor. This would be the big reveal after the renovation is completed. The key art would now reveal all the products which were previously “under renovation”.


Sogo-Grand-Opening-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation

























We also linked the unveiling of the newly renovated Ground Floor to Christmas, seeing as the launch event was to be scheduled for early December; a timely coincidence indeed!


Screen-Shot-2017-07-08-at-5.23.12-PM-733x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation






















Christmas tie-in Print Ad.


Magical Makeover concept embodied a more lifestyle approach – for our second option, we decided to present the Ground Floor renovation as something that was a natural occurrence!



Option 2: Metamorphosis – The Ultimate Transformation


metamorphosis_artwork-01-1024x517 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation














The idea: transformation is a process, just like metamorphosis. But the result is mesmerisingly beautiful. Just like an emerging butterfly. The ultimate transformation.

Our proposed communication mix for this concept mirrored the communication mix we proposed for Magical Makeover but with a few amendments. The marketing this time around was also split into three phases.


Phase 1: Before Renovation

Sogo_PressAd_Pre-01-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation























Caterpillar Sale – Print Ad.


The main attraction for this Metamorphosis would be a complex-wide sale. The first stage of this would be titled Caterpillar Sale, corresponding with the first stage of SOGO’s metamorphosis.


Phase 2: During Renovation

Sogo_PressAd_Main-01-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation























Cocoon Stage – Print Ad.


While Caterpillar Sale acts as a teaser, the cocoon stage will be the main campaign and the longest one, too. This is the crucial time where renovations are taking place and we need to ensure a steady stream of traffic. We also included a few other materials to buff up the marketing for this phase.


Banner-01-1024x273 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation








Indoor Banner within SOGO


Screen-Shot-2017-07-08-at-5.28.06-PM-875x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation





















Ambient media – butterfly wings to be placed in SOGO’s lavatories for shoppers to take selfies with.

Badge-02 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation Badge-01 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation










Button Badges for SOGO staff


discount_mobilehanger-1024x841 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation













Discount Standees for SOGO’s merchant outlets; to be adapted from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly


makeovertransformation_pressad-01-722x1024 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation





















The Style Transformation Contest Poster.

The Style Transformation contest is a social-led contest where Facebook or Instagram fans can show judges their amazing style swap. The prize would be SOGO vouchers and also the chance for a professional makeover. This contest will be a platform to create awareness of the sales to also increase traffic and drive engagement.


caterpillar-photobooth-1024x588 SOGO Ground Floor Renovation















Interactive Photobooth.


On top of this, we’ll also have a mini-contest using our photobooth, where people can post their photos on their Facebook page and tag Sogo KL, and a random winner will be chosen to win vouchers!


Phase 3 – Post-Renovation

This is phase where the whole concept comes full circle. Instead of revealing the last stage (butterfly) in a soft launch, we would proceed straight to the grand opening and reveal the butterfly in the Christmas campaign.

As the contests, sales and renovations come to a close just in time for Christmas, shoppers would have gone through the full metamorphosis together with SOGO.










Project Details:

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