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SP Setia is a leading property developer in Malaysia with projects across the country. However, their primary focus was development in and around the Klang Valley. To mark the Chinese New Year celebration, SP Setia hosted an exclusive gourmet session at Setia International Centre. The highlight would be a food demo and tasting with Masterchef Kagurazaka Kurosu and a fresh tuna opening showcase with Celebrity Chef Yanagida Tetsuya. Both chefs were flown in from Japan specially for the event.

The team was asked to create a design for an invitation card and envelope, along with a press ad and eDMs. Through the event, SP Setia aimed to create a prestigious and exclusive experience for potential property buyers that reflected the SP Setia brand.

 Creative Challenge

The design of the materials need to reflect the premium, high-end quality that were hallmark of SP Setia development projects. As the gourmet session had a Japanese theme, our design could not be explicitly Chinese. Instead, we needed to find a balance between Japanese and Chinese motifs but still carry a strong Chinese New Year message.

Creative Strategy

As 2017 was the Year of the Rooster, our key visual would use a rooster design with its wings spread to bring a lively energetic motion, as if the rooster was heralding the Chinese New Year. We incorporated traditional Japanese design patterns on the rooster and in the visual background. We chose not to have colours that were excessively bright but used dark blues, red and gold for a more distinguished feel.

Invitation Card and Envelope

The key visual of a rooster was supported with a message that spoke of good health and fortune, two very important elements in Chinese culture. On the back cover, we describe the profiles of the chefs.

SPSetia-ECOcity-CNY-Invi-Card-FA-mas-Front-1024x244 SP Setia CNY Campaign








The first page of the invitation card immediately highlights the main event with a visual of a Japanese delicacy. The following parts of the invitation card showed the other activities to be held at the event. We placed a visual and description of each activity in colourful circles as the circle was an important symbol In Chinese culture. In line with the circle symbol that mean unity ad oneness, our message was of coming together to celebrate an auspicious new year with the aim of persuading interested readers to bring their families as well.

SPSetia-ECOcity-CNY-Invi-Card-FA-mas-back-1024x244 SP Setia CNY Campaign








Keeping with the theme of Chinese New Year, we designed the envelope to look like an ‘ang pau’ or red packet which contains money and usually given to children during Chinese New Year. This portrayed the invitation card a something that had value to the customer. Along with this, we added a message hinting at a surprise brought exclusively from Japan to provoke interest in viewing the contents.

SPSetia_CNY_Envelope-01-1024x719 SP Setia CNY Campaign




















Press ad

We adapted the visuals from the invitation card to a press ad in the Star newspaper. Once again the main highlight of the event – a gourmet session by 3-time Michelin Star Winner Chef – headlined the press ad. We added motifs of lanterns and flowers to bring out the festive tone of Chinese New Year.

SPSetia-ECOcity-CNY-PressAd_TheStarMetro_261x370mm_FA_OL-722x1024 SP Setia CNY Campaign


The eDM was adapted with the same concept and message of celebrating an auspicious Chinese New Year together. The clean simple layout made the information easier to read and consume.

Ver1-SPSetia-ECOcity-CNY-EDM-R7-353x1024 SP Setia CNY Campaign

SPSetia_CNY_Envelope1-768x1024 SP Setia CNY Campaign

SPSetia_CNY_Envelope-768x1024 SP Setia CNY Campaign

SPSetia_CNY_Envelope2-768x1024 SP Setia CNY Campaign


SPSetia_CNY_Invite-1024x768 SP Setia CNY Campaign

SPSetia_CNY_Invite2-1024x768 SP Setia CNY Campaign

SPSetia_CNY_Invite3-1024x768 SP Setia CNY Campaign









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