The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

MKLand_Rafflesia_Billboard2_40x12_FA_OL-1024x310 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


From the moment of its development, The Rafflesia@Damansara Perdana has aimed to be a haven of lush greenery and tranquil luxury in the heart of a bustling modern city. Commenced in 2007 by MK Land Holdings Bhd, the 2nd Phase of The Rafflesia (named Rafflesia @ Park), which was launched in 2015, has 208 units of 3 and 3 ½ storey villas facing an 8-acre Central Park complete with stunning views of a lake.

Creative Challenge

To build interest in the launch of the 2nd Phase, MK Land Holdings Bhd wanted to reach out to the right target market by highlighting the close link between The Rafflesia with nature and luxury. Thus, we were tasked to create a launch campaign that would reflect the nature-oriented and prestigious brand of Rafflesia @ Damansara Perdana. The campaign would include designing visuals for a press ad, brochures, billboards, showroom and website.

Creative Strategy

There was clearly a deep emphasis on nature, luxury and serenity within The Raflessia’s brand voice. We used all these traits to showcase The Rafflesia as an embodiment of what buyers would experience should they choose to live there. With each unit priced at RM1.6 million upwards, we knew that The Rafflesia would attract a certain demographic of buyers who were top earners at the peak of their lives, looking to settle in a great location that’s also family-friendly.

Our main message was ‘Life in Full Bloom’, which perfectly encapsulates the privilege lifestyle The Rafflesia would offer along with greenery and nature. We knew that by merging this message to visuals that captured the natural environment and luxurious facilities of the property, we would be able to give interested buyers a glimpse into life at The Rafflesia.

Press Ad in The Star Newspaper

Rafflesia_PressAd_TheStar_FA_OL-722x1024 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


It’s important to make such a high-end property feels accessible and approachable. To do this, we wanted to find a way to tell an authentic story of The Rafflesia @ Park. Thus, we came up with the idea for a press ad designed like a scrapbook. It would tell the story of life at The Rafflesia with photographs of the beautiful scenery and blurbs written in scribbles. Details of the property were designed as pasted notes.

Brochures Visuals

MKLand_Rafflesia-Damansara-Perdana_Brochure_life-in-full-bloom-791x1024 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


The brochures had the same concept as the press ad, utilising a scrapbook design. The front cover was a leather cover of a journal, while the first page shows a hand-drawn plan of The Rafflesia along with an image of the property made to look like a photograph.

We used ‘Life in Full Bloom’ as the main message and highlighted the balance between the natural environment and proximity to the city. We wanted to tell interested buyers that they could have the best of both worlds. 

MKLand_Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Brochure_Central-Park-1024x664 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

We included a wide panoramic shot of the property marking each amenity available at The Rafflesia on the second page and third page of the brochure.

MKLand_Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Brochure_P4-P5_FA_OL-1024x666 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

The fourth and fifth page of the brochure included descriptions of both The Rafflesia @ Hill and @ Park. To create a natural, authentic tone we recreated their photographs in hand-drawn and water-colour style along with pictures of leaves, insects and birds. Naturally, we included a visual of a Rafflesia flower as a unifying symbol to show an image of each unit.

MKLand_Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Brochure_Accessibility_heart-of-klang-valley-1024x664 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

We highlighted the features through candid photographs and written descriptions on pasted notes. The aim was to set a personable tone that was also family-oriented. As The Rafflesia was strategically located at the centre of shopping malls, highways and schools, we visualised this convenience with a drawing of a tree trunk, which also links back to nature.

The location map on the back cover showed exactly how centralised The Rafflesia is.

MKLand_Rafflesia_Brochure_Location-Map-803x1024 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


We adapted the brochures for The Rafflesia’s website keeping the concept of a book, with each link leading to a different page within the scrapbook.

The-Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Masterplan_Website-Portfolio-1024x747 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

The-Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Hill_Website-Portfolio-1024x736 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


The-Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Park_Website-Portfolio-1024x734 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


The-Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Floorplan_Website-Portfolio-1024x731 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

The-Rafflesia_Damansara-Perdana_Contact-Form_Website-Portfolio-1024x730 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana

Showroom Visuals

Each visual was adapted from the brochure and emphasises the main features of The Rafflesia.

Display-panels-4_Master-Plan-478x1024 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana


























Display-panels-4_Hill-478x1024 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana
























Billboards Visuals

The billboards visuals were designed following the overall concept of ‘Life in Full Bloom’, showcasing luxury, beauty and the natural environment of The Rafflesia.

MKLand_Rafflesia_Billboard1_40x12_FA_OL-1024x311 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana










MKLand_Rafflesia_HoardingBoard3_FA_OL-1024x409 The Rafflesia, Damansara Perdana














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