UOB Natural Born Winner

In UOB’s plan to take advantage of year-end consumer spending, they approached us to devise a campaign that will be exciting and huge, to encourage spending through UOB Credit Cards.

Client’s strategy was to give 11 Honda Jazz Hybrids, to bring increased hype to customers across the nation.

To create a strong link between the USP of the Jazz and UOB’s contest campaign, we came up with a strong name for the campaign, NATURAL BORN WINNERS.

We produced a teaser wrap on The Star for the launch day, and upon flipping the wrap, the ad appears in the next page.

UOB-Credit-Card-Malaysia-Natural-Born-Winners-Campaign-Teaser-Ad-764x1024 UOB Natural Born Winner






















Teaser Ad

UOB-Credit-Card-Malaysia-Natural-Born-Winners-Campaign-Press-Ad-789x1024 UOB Natural Born Winner





















Press Ad


There’s also a special Christmas edition for the press ad, where the promotion was further hyped out with extra chances.

UOB-Credit-Card-Malaysia-Natural-Born-Winners-Campaign-Xmas-Ad-826x1024 UOB Natural Born Winner





















Christmas Ad

UOB-Credit-Card-Malaysia-Natural-Born-Winners-Campaign-BTL-1024x633 UOB Natural Born Winner












UOB-Credit-Card-Malaysia-Natural-Born-Winners-Campaign-BHP-1024x590 UOB Natural Born Winner









Project Details:

Creative Paramedics


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