The 3 questions to ask about your event audience

When it comes to designing an event, knowing the audience is key. Understanding your guests makes you a better host, whether for a non-profit community event, corporate conference or even gala dinner. From this, it becomes easier to create and curate an experience that’s memorable, engaging and fun for attendees.

We found that asking ourselves these questions about our guests makes a difference in crafting our event marketing strategies.


Who are these people?

Get to know who you’re inviting a little beforehand. And the only way to do this is to do research. With research, comes insight. It’s a lot like hosting a dinner party. When crafting invites, you sort of have an idea of what to prepare for your select group of friends. You would certainly tweak things differently, for different sets of friends.

The same goes with large events. Survey who your attendees are. Know whom you are inviting and this would definitely set you on the path for designing an experience that everyone can enjoy.


What would my guests like to see/hear/do?

Is a simple but crucial question. Every event needs to have a takeaway and exploring this question helps us craft valuable content. Content helps tie back to your event’s purpose, and may well be the reason why people CHOOSE to spend time with you. That’s why it’s important to have content choices that align with your audience’s persona.

Which brings us to this important tip to remember: treat attendees like treasured guests. These are people who have decided to spare time and attention to be with you. By keeping this in mind, we can extend the courtesy by making them feel comfortable. Don’t waste this chance to truly connect.


How much do they already know?

This question is imperative to curating the event’s content because 1) we don’t want to talk down to our guests nor 2) overestimate their level of knowledge. Your event tells a story, so keeping this in mind means that you can decide on what details to include or exclude. At the same time, it also shows that you are listening to attendees and participants.

At the end of the day, remember that events are where people come together to connect and share an experience. Make magic happen for your audience.

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