The Inside Story

So why hire us? What are the things that make us different from the rest of advertising agencies? Here’s some statistics to show why we could be your ideal advertising agency partner in Malaysia.

  • We have worked on more than 20 global brands since our inception.
  • We are set up in 2006, and we are here to stay.
  • We have had up to 4 generations of referrals.
  • We have worked on various industries – Financial, Retail, FMCG, Fashion, Airlines, Automobile, Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Computers & Electronics, Entertainment and etc.
  • With a particular Client, we built our account portfolio from 1 department to 8 departments.
  • One of our Clients is the biggest budget airline in the region.
  • One of the brands we worked with distributed our work to the entire Asia Pacific counterparts for their usage in various countries.
  • We helped to launch more than 6 international and local brands in Malaysia.

And the list goes on. If you wish to know more about our adventures, call us for a chat!