Understanding your target audience

How well do you know your target audience? These are some key essentials to get you started and give your marketing efforts that extra leverage to succeed. Are you already putting into practice some of it? Time to pull out your notes and compare!

Look within
What is your business objective? Does it match your product offering? What makes your product different from your closest competitor? Do you have the people, the system in place and the resources to market? A periodic internal review makes sure you are on track, giving you the opportunity to evaluate what is effective, stop what isn’t and tweak to further enhance your overall strategy to produce the desired result.

In terms of age, gender, education level, job description, interest, location – what is your customer profile like? These are the basics that you ought to have covered. Sometimes, you may find that your audience is divided into different clusters, so don’t lump them all together. The more you know your audience, the better it is to craft a personalised strategy aimed at them.

What is the trigger, the pull, the cause that makes your audience pull out their wallet and hand you their money? Are they looking to fulfill a simple basic need, such as quench a thirst? Or, are they looking for status, a brand to tell the world, they have arrived? This key will answer the question of the type of message and emotional appeal (if applicable) your product should carry.

legotv Understanding your target audience

Lego may be a toy for kids, but who is paying for the toy? In this instance, Lego is speaking to the parents.



Understanding your audience isn’t limited to looking at your audience. Widen that scope and look at your competitors. How are they marketing the very same product that you are? What are they doing differently from you? This is especially important if they are doing it better than you, when you see your audience responding positively to them, or they are coming close to overtaking your #1 position.



What are the best vehicle to employ? What media are your audience more tuned into? If there is one particular platform that stands out, such as social media, then it makes sense that your reach them there, BUT do not neglect other sources. Omni channel is your best bet, by integrating several channels, from retail to CRM and social media. Identify the various touch points, and connect the dots to bring your audience a wholesome experience.


Are there any other areas we have missed out? Tell us, how do you identify your target audience?

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