Why truth matters

by Carmen Chan

I remember with fondness, the excitement I had when I tore open a packet of Ding Dang as a kid. I had seen the ad on television, with plastic helicopters hovering about, as good-looking kids launching them into the air.

I put the chocolates aside and went for the toy first, predictably. Launching the helicopter, I was anticipating to see how my helicopter swirls mid-air, hovering above me.

And then it crashed to the ground.

My confused tender mind told me that I had been duped. And it wasn’t a good feeling. And even though I still buy Ding Dang after that unfortunate incident, I wasn’t excited about the brand anymore. It was not special anymore. It was easy for me to switch to Choki Choki, or Apollo, because at least all they offered was just chocolates. No gimmicks.

Which brings me to this: Truth matters. And it matters more now, because:

Consumers are smarter than ever before

Consumers today are educated about the choices they have, and many avenues facilitate the information gathering process.

 Increasingly value-centric market

In a world where brands loyalty decreased so much, with more consumers opting for value, any form of trust they have in a brand is valuable.

Can your brand withstand the ire?

Once bitten, twice (or more) share. That’s the maxim now for consumers who will make it their personal mission to spread bad brand experiences.

Trust again? Never

Once lost, trust is incredibly hard to regain. Bad experiences are vivid and create a strong and painful reminder. As humans are wired to avoid pain, second chances are rare.


Here are ways to keep your customers happy and trusting:

  1. Deliver beyond expectations
  2. Be real in your communications
  3. Do not attempt to outsmart anyone with bad deals
  4. Sometimes bad things happen, and when it does, apologize and fix it immediately.
  5. Manage all brand touch points, including sales representatives, distributors, etc.

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